K-9 Mail password restore

K9 plays chess

K9 plays chess

K-9 Mail is maybe android best mail client.

But someday I forgot my mail password.

As you may know android store applications settings in sqlite database.

So the recovery process maybe like that:

1. Grab preferences_storage database from /data/data/com.fsck.k9

2. Open sqlite database preferences_storage table from database

*Note 1. I used sqlite database browser available from GNU/Linux Ubuntu repositories.

3. Find and copy .transportUri value (it is base64 decoded string).

4. Decode sting with base64 built-in system decoder* or online decoder

*Note 2. echo yourstingvalue== | base64 –decode

5. Use hexdecoder on decoded string if your using long passwords, and previous string not helped your to fresh your head

6. And finally your should figure out about hex symbols converting with this table.

Search engines still prefer this post to my newer blog, I’ll give link to it right here: https://blog.hda.me


8 thoughts on “K-9 Mail password restore

    • Try use Titanium Backup then. It will backup your app with all setting and sqlite database itself. (your need copy and unpack archives, one with apk, and one archive with settings and sqlite database).

  1. If you enable debugging and sensitive logging in the k9 client you can extract the password without root by rechecking auth from send or recieve server settings and follow the instructions from the k9 wiki [https://github.com/k9mail/k-9/wiki/LoggingErrors] to retrieve the log. Then SMTP >>> AUTH PLAIN XXX can be passed to base64 -d.

  2. Thank you! This saved me a lot of time. I used
    SELECT value FROM preferences_storage WHERE primkey LIKE “%transport%”;
    to find the transportUri.

  3. Thanks a lot for setting it clear for me:
    I’ll never use K-9 Mail.

    I am forced to write my password to this f*ing database!!
    It’s not allowed to enter the password during login / start of the app.

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